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About Us

Out of a resolute belief in playing a significant role in building industrial culture into the Middle East region, the TECHNO Group founders established the first member of the group in 1990, the Technological Industrial Group Company. Jordan (TIG.Jo).  We were entrusted with pioneering activities of process engineering and machine building in the region.  We also provided clients with fully automated industrial solutions at the highest international standards.  The TECHNO Group was founded with a strong sense of purpose and an eye on the future.  Right from the beginning, we began building projects around the region, establishing the first fully automated NPKfertilizer plant in Jordan; the first Rockwool thermal insulation plant in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Egypt; participated in building the largest grain storage facility in Egypt; built Siemens authorized electric panels for the Netherlands market; built concrete batching units for the Turkish, Lebanese, Jordanian and Palestinian markets; also providing spare parts for the mining industries in Jordan.  Through our hard work and commitment, we gained a reputation of quality, reliability and integrity and quickly spread throughout our sectors.  In a short period of time, the TECHNO Group has expanded from its original member TIG.Jo in 1990, to: TIG.SA in 2005, PERTECH.AE in 2006, TIG.Eg in 2007, CEMATECH in 2008 and plans are being laid out for continuing future growth.

Celebrating 20 years since our establishment, the TECHNO Group defines itself as an association of leading engineering firms in the fields of process design, industrial automation, machine design and fabrication serving the MENA area.  We specialize in providing industrial solutions and turn-key projects for the MENA region at the highest international standards.  Our activities include building industrial projects in the construction industry, agro industry and with a special focus on the cement industry as well as capacity building abilities in the oil & gas and utilities sectors.

The TECHNO Group has made a strategic decision to maintain quality, service and innovation as its market edge.  We strongly believe that the insistence on these values, coupled with the TECHNO Group’s continuous drive for efficiency and local added value has maintained the TECHNO Group’s position in the market and allowed for the TECHNO Group’s exponential market growth.  The TECHNO Group’s code of ethics demands maintaining honest, yet fierce efforts in trying to win projects.  We respect our competitors, and strive to be their benchmark.