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Corporate Strategy

Despite the dramatic changes in global and regional economical situations, the TECHNO Group has opted to address its long term strategy issues within a time frame of 5 years (2011-2015) and to draw its objectives and plans accordingly.  This decision requires intensive and highly demanding objectives; the TECHNO Group however feels the need to carry this load in order to face the enormous global business challenges and it shall regularly reassess and readjust its performance in relation to its set objectives.

Our primary strategy was to create a concrete base, with the international abilities and flexibility to allow for limitless growth.  Our initial decade was dedicated to this mission and was very successful.  This concrete foundation allowed us to catapult into the 21st century with major milestones throughout the MENA region.  This growth allowed the TECHNO Group to become a Megaproject solution provider.

Our future strategy will include a profit center layout, where every member company and center of excellence will be individually assessed for their own responsibilities.  Furthermore, plans are already being laid out to expand upon our success to beyond the MENA region.

Building on our rapid growth experience and on our high internal motivation and perseverance, the TECHNO Group is confidently looking forward to succeeding in our endeavor to achieve our goals and to materialize our vision.

We strongly believe that the TECHNO Group’s devotion to quality, service and innovation, coupled with the TECHNO Group’s continuous drive for efficiency and local added value has maintained the TECHNO Group’s position in the market.  These values are at the core of the TECHNO Group’s exponential market growth and our devo