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Mission and Vision


In order to achieve its vision, TECHNO Group foresees the following mission for itself through 2015:

Process optimization:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Competitiveness
  • Efficient internal process
  • Rational management
  • Credibility & Accountability


  • Establish new entities


  • Enhance Human Capital capabilities
  • Secure Human Capital loyalty


  • Expand the market network and scope
  • Looking ahead for market needs


To be the Best in everything we do and to be recognized as such


The TECHNO Group engages in professional business globally, adopting efficient, optimized and high-tech processes, through which we strive to be:

The Best in the eyes of our Clients in terms of quality of supplies & services, cost effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, prompt delivery, after-sale services, communications and fast response.

The Best in the eyes of our Staff in terms of job satisfaction, security, self esteem, career development, prestige, friendly work environment, integrity, safety, transparency, and innovation fostering.

The Best in the eyes of our Shareholders in terms of return on investment, stability, growth, image, healthy business stand, internal system, strong structure, process, people, innovation and output.

The Best in the eyes of our Competitors in terms of providing the markets with optimized tailored business solutions, dynamicity, continuous improvement and for providing the benchmark.

The Best in the eyes of our Suppliers and Service Providers in terms of integrity, fairness, efficiency, consistency and rational management style.

The Best in the eyes of our Creditors in terms of growth, stability, transparency and clear long-term strategic planning.

The Best in the eyes of our local Communities in terms of our business morals and ethics, safety, community service and development, creating jobs and friendliness to the environment.