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The word “industry” originally stems from the Latin word industria, meaning “diligent activity directed to some purpose”.  The TECHNO Group was originally founded with the purpose to be a key part of the development and expansion of industry in the MENA region.  Due to the unyielding diligence to our values, we have achieved the role of being an EPC industrial mega project contracting company with strong engineering and technical abilities.  Our expert team of mechanical, electrical, automation and civil engineers coupled with our highly experienced leadership team has expanded the TECHNO Group activities in diverse areas of the industrial sector throughout the MENA region and beyond.

The TECHNO Group activities span several areas in the industrial sector.  The Cement & Mining industry has been a special focus, where we provide industrial products and services up to serving as the EPC contractor for mega Turn-Key green field projects, such as the TECHNO GROUP serving as the EPC contractor of a 5,000 tons/day cement factory in Egypt for the South Valley Cement Company.  Our engineering, steel fabrication, project management and fail–safe automation capabilities are utilized in the Oil & Gas industry, especially for control automation and oil tank farm design and fabrication.  We have become a major element in the Construction industry.  The TECHNO Group founders come from a long experience in the insulation (Rock wool and Glass wool) and concrete batching sectors.  We have established ourselves as a leader in the MENA region, as well as an eye on the European and USSR industrial markets.  We have the resources and partnerships to make sure all our construction projects meet or exceed our client’s expectations.  To express our understanding of the developing nature of the MENA area, the TECHNO Group is channeling its previous expertise in the Utilities sector to further establish itself as one of the major players in this sector, earlier experiences includes building a number of water and sewage treatment units as part of mega projects the group has performed.  Mechanical fabrication has a prominent position in the realization of projects.  The TECHNO Group activity in the  Mechanical Fabrication &Steel Structure industry was started early by establishing our workshop back in 1990 and developing it constantly to produce large fabrications (kiln shells, cyclones, tanks, etc…) and sophisticated mechanical equipment (material transport equipment, dosing machines etc…).  This capacity will be further developed by expanding our highly equipped 6,000m2 fabrication facility to 32,000 m2 facility by the year 2014.  The TECHNO group is currently working on qualifying its Electrical andAutomation division to become as independent profit center.  This division has proved its abilities working with the latest Siemens and ABB technologies, where the TECHNO Group is an authorized PCS7 solution provider, and building panels at its workshop as a Schneider authorized Original Equipment Manufacturer.  Our proven record in serving the Agro Industry, with some of the largest and most advanced feed mills, storage silos and fully automated fertilizer plants in the MENA region, supports the further development our activity in this sector.  When you need to be the first or the best in Your industry, you know you can rely on the TECHNO Group.

As part of the supply chain for all our industrial sectors, our QA/QC inspections are performed to verify the quality of materials, parts and final products.  The objective of this service is to independently assure that the activities of a specified project are being performed in accordance with all contractual specifications, codes, standards and government regulations.  This is verified through checks, audits, inspections and witnessing.

The TECHNO Group prides itself on its status of being a solution provider for the industrial sector in the MENA area, ensuring that all the pieces of your puzzle come together and function flawlessly.  We believe that building our engineering capacities, and our relationships with technology providers, in parallel of building our fabrication facility and electrical panel workshop, we can provide you with the best quality at reasonable prices, and the most reliable after-sales service.

We believe that in order to remain faithful to our purpose of developing and expanding industry, we must be leaders, not followers.  This ideal has completed a significant number of pioneering projects in the various areas of the Industrial sector, namely building a full 5,000 T/D cement plants in Egypt; building the Rockwool plants in Saudi and Iraq; building a number of water related projects; building the first fully automated chemical fertilizer plant in Jordan; the largest specialty feed mills, and grain storage facility in Palestine, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia; and working on the largest wheat storage facility in Egypt.

Being close to our clients to better serve them is our priority, thus the TECHNO Group member companies are found throughout the MENA region, in locations such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the U.A.E, with offices in Germany and China, and is planning to extend its presence in Algeria, Libya and Iraq.  This allows us to be where you need us to be and to ensure the best flow of communication with our clients.  The members of the TECHNO Group have expanded to include: TIG.Jo, TIG.SA, PERTECH.AE, TIG.Eg and CEMATECH.Jo.  Our specially selected member companies are the catalysts that propel the TECHNO Group into the future as a global industrial leader.