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Cement and Mining

The Cement and Mining Industry is the foundation as well as a necessity for any project, city or country.  The TECHNO Group understands the fundamental nature of cement and the direct correlation of mining.

The TECHNO Group is a compilation of leading global companies that can provide you a wide range of projects, from Brownfield to complete Greenfield Turnkey cement projects.  In the industry of cement and mining, you have to be able to produce in order to compete.  With the TECHNO Group we give you that edge.  We represent some of the global leaders in cement and mining equipment and supplies.  We have also completed several major mining projects as well as also providing spare parts for the mining industries in Jordan.  Now you take the best in international equipment and supplies and couple that with our elite management and engineering teams and you get the edge you need to be #1 in your endeavors.  The TECHNO Group represents manufacturers from Germany, Italy, Spain, U.S.A., Canada and China.  We have the financial resources as well as the partnerships to ensure that your project is completed on time and meeting or exceeding your requirements.

Our human capital continues to update their training to make sure that we keep you at the forefront of designs and technology.  Our in house factory allows us the flexibility to fabricate what we need and to the highest standards.  We also house our own electric panel workshop which constructs Siemens panels to international standards.  The TECHNO Group members are specifically selected to fill the needs of being an EPC contractor.  Our human capital combined with the TECHNO Group’s capabilities and abilities have made us an international leader in the MENA and Northern African regions.

A local cement factory can become the pillar of a country.  It allows for better local prices as well as larger profit margins, which creates a win – win situation for you and your clients.  In highly competitive areas, having a highly efficient plant, with minimal downtime can give YOU the edge you need to be a leader.

As an EPC contractor of a 5000 tonnes/day cement plant in Egypt, together with our contractual responsibilities, the TECHNO GROUP companies performed the process design, detailed design, procurement of core equipment, fabrication of a large portion of the mechanical and structural steel works, civil works design and supervision, electrical and mechanical erections, commissioning and project management.  This project encompasses, but is not limited to:

KHD Hunboldt Wedag GmbH———————- Germany
Christian Pfeiffer————————————– Germany
Gebr Pfeiffer——————————————- Germany
HAVER & BOECKER—————————— Germany
IBAU HAMBURG———————————– Germany
Hazemag———————————————– Germany
Redecam———————————————– Italy
Beumer————————————————- Germany
Schade————————————————– Germany
Schinck Process GmbH—————————— Germany
PEG S.A———————————————— Switzerland
Siemens————————————————- Germany
ABB—————————————————– Switzerland

The TECHNO Group has the partnerships, resources and the simple know-how that comes from years of hard work, dedication and experience to answer your questions with the quality you call for.   Whatever you requirements are in the Cement and Mining Industry, you know you can rely on the TECHNO Group to be the reliable and capable partner to fulfill your project needs.