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Electrical and Automation

The Electrical and Automation industry is the nerve system for all industrial projects from Brownfield to full Mega-Greenfield, from semi to fully automated solutions.  ASTROLABE views its position as a pioneering company in the MENA area, we view our capacity building in the Industrial Electrical and Automation area as a crucial activity.  This is reflected in the emphasis we have placed in hiring the right team and in investing heavily in our human capital training.  This has reflected itself in a number of certifications to work with the latest automation, control programs and software, including being certified to design the automation system for a full cement plant with the Siemens PCS7 system.  Following is a number of certificates and authorizations that show our ability to serve our clients in the Cement & Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Utility and Agro industries:


Company specific accreditation’s:

Siemens – Germany:  Siemens Simatic PCS7, Simatic S7, Simatic WINCC, Simatic Net & related products.

ABB – Switzerland:  H641 – ACS 800


PI – Germany: PROFIBUS

Alstom – France:  Alspa


Our Elite Team of Engineers have Accreditations from International Educational Institutions, such as:

  • ABB University Switzerland
  • New York Institute of Technology
  • SITRAIN Automation and Industrial Solutions
  • Jordan Engineers Association
  • Computeach International Centre
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Lafarge med Europe technical center

We are software specialists in:

  • Microsoft Project
  • AutoCAD
  • Elecdes Design Suite
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • SIMATIC Manager
  • PCS7 software
  • OPC software
  • ETAP

ASTROLABE believes that a large part of a successful project is our human capital.  Our elite engineering teams undergo constant training in order to ensure that we provide you the latest in design and technology.  We house our own fabrication facility with an in-house electrical panel building workshop, that adheres to the highest in international standards.  Due to our unbending integrity and strong financial resources, we have formed bonds with the international leaders in machinery and equipment, such as Siemens- Germany, ABB- Switzerland, and Schneider- Germany.  We have obtained a plethora of suppliers and partners in order to create the perfect solution to fit your needs.  Techno Group established multiple regional offices to make sure we are near to you and your project.  In the Electrical and Automation industry, you need to have a great flow of communication with your business partners to ensure there is someone on site to help assist you with whatever design, upgrade and after sales needs you may have.  We focus heavily on a high level of quality and reliability, as in this industry you must do things correctly the first time.  Our team of engineers completes several stages of QC to ensure that everything works right the first time, every time.  Being a multinational conglomerate we have a responsibility to the safety of the people and the environment.  Automation allows for low safety stages to be done automatically to ensure the safety of your employees at the same time providing highly cost effective solutions for your needs.  We go the extra mile to make sure we do our best to be kind to the environment.  ASTROLABE has worked tirelessly to be the only and last resource you will need to complete your project.

Our abilities and capabilities encompass but are not limited to:

Panel Building

The design and manufacturing of electrical panels, which include form4 MCC’s, PFC panels, soft starters, etc… All the designs are made in accordance to the IEC standards starting from the selection of components to the Bus-Bar sizing and installation.

The LV panels are assembled in our in-house electrical workshop.  A team of trained foremen are involved in the assembly works for all panel types such as:

  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Marshalling Panels -IO Panels (MP)
  • Junction Box Panels (JB)
  • Main Distribution Panels (MDB)
  • Power Factor Correction Panels (PFC)
  • Soft Starter Panels


A strict regulation of quality control for our products is implemented, thorough testing is carried out on each panel before releasing it from the workshop. We use proper and calibrated instruments to ensure the highest in quality products. These tests include the voltage insulation of the panels and testing of the protection and metering devices, as well as the loop test inside the panels.

Process  Automation

We have skilled engineers and technicians specialized in industrial control and automation systems, the design passes through the multi-stage process shown here.

  • Design PID
  • Design junction box
  • Marshalling panel (IO panel) design
  • Logic diagram design
  • PROFIBUS network design
  • Programming, HMI design

We adopted the Elecdes software and designed new software to generate our controlled documents efficiently and automatically.

  • Design and configuration of distributed control systems (DCS), specifically the PCS 7 of Siemens.
  • Design Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID).
  • Design junction box locations and its content
  • Marshalling panels (IO panel) design.
  • PROFIBUS network design and installation


PROFIBUS communication is made with IO cards, weighing feeders, MV switchgear protection relays, frequency converters and a variety of other devices that have PROFIBUS communication capabilities.


Electrical work

Our electrical works cover the following Activities:

  • Setting of the architectural design of the main electrical network of the plant.
  • Short circuit calculation studies, load flow, harmonics and switching analysis using the latest software in this field.
  • Low voltage networks designs.



ASTROLABE supplies state of the art technology in the electrical protection systems and numerical/microprocessor based relay’s.  All the protection relays are communicating with the DCS system, a mini power management system that has been developed in the DCS system to cover requirements for monitoring and controlling of the MV switchgears.

All the consumer lists received from the various suppliers are compiled into one master list, the equipments are then distributed throughout the plant’s departments and areas, calculation for the distribution transformers sizing is made accordingly.

Furthermore a detailed SLD is made for each electrical panel, showing the component specifications like the circuit breaker size, overload relay size, cable length, cable cross section, etc…

  • Earthing and lighting design.  IEC standards are implemented in selecting the proper earthing system for each type of industry.  An earthing study is performed and used as an input for the short circuit study.
  • Lighting design.  The IEC standard is used in designing the plant lighting system, a detailed lighting wiring and erection drawings are generated.
  • Cable calculation and selection.
  • VSD drives selection.  ASTROLABE posses a team of a well trained engineers that are capable of doing the selection and commissioning of the frequency drives. The latest technologies are implemented in our projects.
  • Cable routing 3D design, using specialized ELECDES software.

We adopt a smart cable routing procedure by using Elecdes software and it’s special modules for panel design (Paneldes) and reporting module (Ebase).

Designing the layout of the electrical rooms and assigning their location.