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Mechanical Fabrication and Steel Structure

The TECHNO Group specializes in steel structure works, plate work fabrications and mechanical equipment manufacturing through our TIG.Jo workshop and through our affiliated workshops located overseas.  This has placed us as one of the leaders in the Mechanical Fabrication & Steel Structure Industries throughout the MENA region.

Our TIG-Jo workshop is a point of pride here at the TECHNO Group and was founded in 1990.  It is considered to be one of the major fabrication workshops in the Middle East and Northern Africa regions.  The facility is located in the Al-Mafraq province, Jordan.  This location was carefully selected to be able to serve Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and other countries in the Middle East.  Due to the instability throughout the region, having a strategically placed factory allows us to make on-time deliveries during even the most difficult of situations.  Being the source of custom fabrications and steel structures gives us a unique ability of not being dependent on outside sources for these needs.

The facility is on an area of 210,000m2, with a 6,000m2 workshop built in the first phase.  Phase 2 of the workshop expansion has already begun construction to 12,000m2.  Our plan is to increase the workshop building to be 32,000m2 by the end of 2014.  It is a high tech facility, integrating design, production, finishing and installation.  We house all the standard tools, equipment and machinery, as well as some of the most sought equipment in the greater MENA and Northern African regions, such as:

v  CNC Oxyacetylene  Cutting Machine

  • 150Th x 1750W x 13000L                                             ·180 Watt

v  CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

  • 60Th x 3000W x 12000L                                               ·260 Ampere
  • 15 Meter/Min traverse speed

v  Hydraulic 4-roller bending machine with planetary guide modes

  • 55Th x 3000W                                                              ·75 HP

v  Submerged ARC Welding Machine with Manipulator

  • 1000A, 380V                                                                ·Flex distance of arm: 6000mm
  • Flex speed of arm: 120-1200mm                                    ·Manual turning angle: +/- 180 degree
  • Driving speed of trolley: 3000mm/min                             ·Inner gauge of trolley: 2000mm
  • Max. capability at the end of the arm: 200kg

v  Press Break

  • 12Th x 6000W                                                              ·800 Ton

v  H-Beam Built Up Line

  • Rail span: 4000mm                                                      ·Valid cutting width: 3200
  • Valid cutting length: 12500                                            ·Cutting Speed: 50-1000mm/min
  • CNC flame torch: 2 sets                                                ·Strip torch: 9 sets
  • Cutting surface roughness: Ra 12.5-25

The Scope of business for our factory is the production and installation of equipment including:  kiln shells, steel for oil tanks, material transport equipment, industrial and process filters, stackers & reclaimers, dryers, mill housings, cyclones, steel hoppers, duct fabrication, non-pressure tanks and vessels, platforms, ladders and stairs, pump and compressor skids complete with piping, stacks, chutes, bins and silos, casings, crushers and others.

The annual production and processing capacity is approximately 12,000 tons per year of building steel structure and 5,000 tons per year of non standard equipment steel fabrication.

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and believe that we are on the right track for the TECHNO Group’s success with a team of people who are completely capable of handing a quality final product to our clients that will meet or exceed their expectations.  As we know that quality, economical production and prompt delivery are vital for customer satisfaction.

The TECHNO Group as a main contractor offers a broad range of supply chain related services for subcontractors.  As part of the supply chain, QA/QC inspections are performed to verify the quality of materials, parts and final products. The object of this service is to independently assure that the activities of a specified project are being performed in accordance with all contractual specifications, codes and standards or government regulations.  This is verified through checks audits, inspections and witnessing.  This scope is carried out completely independently of the individual manufacturer or (sub-) contractor as well as the purchaser or final user.  Quality Control (QC) is concerned with actual measurement or testing or supervision of manufacturers own final product control, either by inspection of each unit or by sample testing.  QA/QC inspections are applied to all materials, structures, components and systems utilized in the construction and operation of projects.

We are in collaboration with partners all over the world to achieve the corporate goal of win-win situation.  We are well equipped to answer any client enquiries in the light of our foremost priority “Quality Comes First”.