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A highly professional and experienced Engineering team forms the backbone of TECHNO’s activities.

TECHNO Engineering team utilize their education, experience and other skills in different streams of


Process Design


Mechanical & Materials


Chemical & Industrial solutions


Civil & Steel Structure


Electrical & Automation



In TECHNO projects, the Engineering team are responsible of:


  • Process engineering (including mass and energy balances) taking in consideration state-of-the art production techniques and aiming to achieve the optimum performance-feasibility results.

  • Detailed engineering including analysis, calculations, finite element, prototyping, 3D modelling and animations, BOQs.

  • Shop Drawings including all the required details for procurement / manufacturing of all components.

  • Installation and Erection Drawings

  • O&M Manuals including the procedures to operate the projects processes, preventive and corrective maintenance protocols, spare parts . . . etc.





Project Management:

TECHNO entities function as industrial contractors in different countries, they usually perform their work on greenfield EPC contracts, where TECHNO assumes the full technical responsibility of engineering and constructing the project in accordance with the set Project targets and purposes.

For this matter, TECHNO Project Team includes highly professional certified project management professionals who possess wide management skills.

TECHNO Project Team duties include planning and monitoring, material control, documentation, QC & QA, Health and Safety, Environmental control, logistics, contract administration, correspondences, HR management, and general administration.

Furthermore, TECHNO Project Team manages all installation and erection works at the site, and upon their proper completion, TECHNO Project team performs the commissioning and handing over protocols with the assistance of the specialized supervisors when required.





TECHNO O&M team specializes in the commercial operation of industrial projects. The team performs all its duties in full compliance to the Project manuals, standard operating procedures, international standards, local labor and occupational regulations, safety standards and contractual references.


O&M team sets its maintenance plans for the industrial project to accommodate for both the preventive and corrective maintenance in accordance with the O&M manuals, and makes sure to have safety stock of spare parts in order to minimize the down times of production.


TECHNO O&M team has achieved the highest possible production with the lowest production and maintenance costs and maintaining at the same time very low number of work related accidents.