Port & Grain Facilities Business

Our range of experience spans from Upgrades and Brownfield's to full EPC Greenfield Turnkey projects, i.e., building the AQABA NEW PORT grain storage facility, which is the only port facility in Jordan to support Grain unloading and storage for the entire kingdom. This facility will have a vessel unloading rate of 1,600 tons/hour. Also, this facility will have 100,000 tons of concrete silo storage capacity, with a built in design to expand to 200,000 tons. Working with Al Muhaidib, Saudi Arabia (Mechanical Fabrications and Steel Structure for Jazan Grain Port Facility), and Five Stars Co. Egypt (the largest wheat storage facility in the country of Egypt).

Our storage facility projects experience covers:

Steel silos, such as a turnkey 50,000 ton steel silo project for the benefit of 5 Stars, Egypt. This was the largest steel silo agro facility in Egypt.

Concrete silos, such as 100,000 tons of grain storage in Jordan for the benefit of the Governmental agency (Aqaba Development Corporation), which was part of our EPC full port facility.

Flat hangers, such as a flat storage hanger with longitudinal conveying for the benefit of Watania, Jordan, which was part of our EPC Feed Mill project.

Domes of various capacities, such as a dome with an inner diameter of 95m and outer diameter 100m, Egypt, which was part of our EPC Cement Factory for the benefit of SVCC.