Cement, Mining and Construction Material Overview

The Construction Industry has been the main target of the TECHNO GROUP since the time of our establishment, due to the fact that the TECHNO GROUP founders came with a strong background in the industry, specializing in insulation material and concrete batching units.

The MENA region has been a major global focus over the past decades and will continue to be one in the years to come. The MENA region is the leading source of oil in the world as well as quickly becoming one of the strongest regions in Construction and Technology. The TECHNO GROUP realized the unstable nature of the global economy and how it affects the regional Construction Industry's growth and development. We have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate through these times, with ramp-up, ramp-down and contingency plans built into our designs. The TECHNO GROUP started with building Insulation Material Production Lines, namely Rock Wool and Glass Wool production plants; then proceeded into producing concrete batching units of various capacities. We also performed sizable projects for the mining industries and have lately developed a strong presence in the cement and cement-related industries, ranging from Brownfield projects to functioning as an EPC contractor for full Greenfield cement plants, including spare parts and service plans. These projects also included large scale utility sections, e.g.: water & waste treatment and HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil tanks). The TECHNO GROUP's vast engineering know how and resources are at the core of all our industrial projects. These capabilities in the MENA region have enabled us to provide industrial solutions for a large number of industrial projects in the Cement, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Water & Waste Treatment, Mechanical Fabrication & Steel Structure, Electrical & Automation and Agro sectors.

The TECHNO GROUP also takes great pride in our electrical/automation department and our ability to provide in-house built Siemens Simatic PCS7 Cemat automation systems. Our construction abilities and elite engineering staff allow us to remain at the forefront of technology and design. With the TECHNO GROUP's strong technical background, our long experience in undertaking turn-key projects, and the addition of highly qualified and specialized teams, the TECHNO GROUP was able to forge strong relationships and alliances with the most internationally renowned companies in the various fields of the Construction Industry. These companies include: Paroc International of Sweden for Insulation Materials Machinery; KHD of Germany for Pyro-Process and Cement Machinery; Hazemag of Germany for Crushers; Gebr Pfeiffer for Vertical Mills, Christian Pfeiffer of Germany for Cement Mills; Haver and Boecker for Packing Plants; IBAU for Silo technology and many others.

Agro Industry Overview

The TECHNO GROUP has recognized the importance of the Agro Industry sector since its early stages, where the TECHNO GROUP constructed the first fully automated chemical fertilizer plant in Jordan for the benefit of the Modern Company for Fertilizers. However, it wasn't until 1997 that the Agro business became a major focus of the TECHNO GROUP.

To set a clear positioning of the TECHNO GROUP in the Agro Industry market, the TECHNO GROUP management decided to form strong relationships with the major international suppliers of machines in the Feed, Fertilizers, Grain processing and Grain storage industries. With a clear cooperation and commitment from Van Aarsen International of the Netherlands, Stella Co. of Germany, Behlen Mfg. of Nebraska-USA and many other sub-suppliers, the TECHNO GROUP approaches the market with a clear positioning, strategy and commitment to excellence.

The TECHNO GROUP takes pride in our role in increasing the regional awareness in the Agro Industry sector of the importance of efficiency and adopting modern production techniques as the main source of increasing revenues. Through diligent marketing, technical competency, maintained relationships with Internationally renowned suppliers and efficient after sales services, the TECHNO GROUP has succeeded in building a good number of projects for the major companies in the region. These projects include the first fully automated fertilizer processing plant in Jordan for the benefit of the Modern Company for Fertilizers, the largest feed mill in Palestine for the benefit of Palestine for Industrial Investment Co., the largest feed mill and grain storage facility in Jordan for the benefit of National Poultry Co. a company of the DELMONTE Co., the largest Ostrich feed mill (non-traditional feed) in the region for the benefit of Al Watania Agriculture-One of the companies of Al-Rajhi Group and many other projects.

A good number of silo projects and grain handling facilities were built around the MENA region including building the largest grain storage facility in Palestine for PEDICO; the largest Maize and Soybean meal storage facility in Jordan for Al Watania Poultry Co.; the largest Sunflower storage facility in Jordan for the Union Chemical & Vegetable Oils Industries Co.; The largest privately owned grain storage facility in Libya for Omran Salem Abu Hajar Co. and participated in building the largest wheat storage facility in Sinai-Egypt for the benefit of the Five Stars Co.

Our engineering staff has accumulated experience in the sugar industry, flour milling and slaughter houses. Furthermore, TECHNO Group took long steps in building its capacity in the recycling industry as a solution for major problems in the Agro industry. Also, we create value and profit where there was loss, for example: The use of palm tree trimmings in the MDF and particle board industries and converting animal slaughter house waste into a number of industrial applications.

These accomplishments elevated the TECHNO GROUP to the status of the largest Turn-Key project provider for the Agro industry in the Middle East and Northern Africa areas.

Grain Ports and Storage Facilities

Our range of experience spans from Upgrades and Brownfield's to full EPC Greenfield Turnkey projects, i.e., building the AQABA NEW PORT grain storage facility, which is the only port facility in Jordan to support Grain unloading and storage for the entire kingdom. This facility will have a vessel unloading rate of 1,600 tons/hour. Also, this facility will have 100,000 tons of concrete silo storage capacity, with a built in design to expand to 200,000 tons. Working with Al Muhaidib, Saudi Arabia (Mechanical Fabrications and Steel Structure for Jazan Grain Port Facility), and Five Stars Co. Egypt (the largest wheat storage facility in the country of Egypt).

Our storage facility projects experience covers:

Steel silos, such as a turnkey 50,000 ton steel silo project for the benefit of 5 Stars , Egypt. This was the largest steel silo agro facility in Egypt. Concrete silos, such as 100,000 tons of grain storage in Jordan for the benefit of the Governmental agency (Aqaba Development Corporation), which was part of our EPC full port facility.

Flat hangers, such as a flat storage hanger with longitudinal conveying for the benefit of Watania, Jordan, which was part of our EPC Feed Mill project.

Domes of various capacities, such as a dome with an inner diameter of 95m and outer diameter 100m , Egypt, which was part of our EPC Cement Factory for the benefit of SVCC.